Anti-Tourism Tour

What is #everysordiddetail?

#everysordiddetail is an ongoing art project that engages in a critique of tourism, the idyllic representations of place, as a form of consumption. To date, the project has involved an audio tour of central metropolitan Saskatoon and Victoria. While the Saskatoon component effectively developed a toolkit for the project, including field-recording and photographic documentation of sites, the conceptual framework for #everysordiddetail really began to take shape with a major production residency at Open Space Arts Society. It was during this fulltime engagement that the transgressive nature of the project was more fully realized. In the course of two months, thirteen interviews formed a happenstantial, psychogeographical map. All participants are kept anonymous, both to protect their identity and to emphasize the matter of an “event’ above all other considerations. Certain themes emerged from the process, as people began to plug into the framing device of “anti-tourism.” Homelessness coupled with a contempt for the poor, the fentanyl crisis, the mental health act, various relations to law enforcement, and racism in public spaces were all attributes that crossed over many of the accounts that were, in turn, applied to surfaces of the city. The project is manifestly fragmentary, it opposes grand narratives and romantic accounts of place in this way as well. Hence #everysordiddetail enjoys a limitless horizon, and the artist David LaRiviere will be developing other iterations and framing structures for this anti-tourism for other places and contexts into the foreseeable future.

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Victoria Interviews for #EverySordidDetail

Saskatoon Interviews for #EverySordidDetail